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Piercing Gallery

Find great body jewelry at Music Box Body Art Studio in Amarillo, Texas. We offer piercing and body modification services. Check out our body piercers and photos of their work by browsing through this page.

Minor Policy:

Music Box Body Art Studio will pierce minors with birth certificate, parental consent, if the parent is present and has a photo ID for BOTH parent and child. The last name and addresses must match.  For legal guardianship consent, we require the Original Legal Guardian Court Documents. Again, the guardian must be present, with both ID’s following same guidelines as above . Acceptable Identification includes: state issued ID’s, passports, an original birth certificate with seal AND a photo ID.

We are currently a CASH ONLY shop!

General Piercing Pricing(INCLUDES JEWELRY):

Ear lobes: $30 for one or $60 for 2                 Helix: $35                               Tragus/Rook/Daith/Conch: $35        Tongue: $30                                                        Horizontal Tongue: $50        Lip: $30                                            Navel: $30                                                           Eyebrow: $30                         Nose: $30                                              Bridge Nose: $35                                                Dimples: $70                           Smiley: $35

Industrial: $40                                                    Septum: $35                           Nipples(BOTH): $50                            Triple F.Helix: $100                                             Dermals: 1x$60 2x$100 4x$170                         

Dermal Change: $5                                            Dermal Removal: $15              

All other piercings, please call for pricing.

Jay Murdock

Jay has been a body piercer for more than 2 years and specializes in serving clients of all ages. In his spare time, you can catch him blowing glass.

Tyler Berry 

Tyler started piercing at the age of 21 and he owned and ran a body piercing studio for 4 and a half years, serving clients in the panhandle and surrounding areas. Now, he has more than 12 years of experience piercing anyone from infants to the elderly. His motto is “I can pierce almost anything from innies to outies, and in betweenies.”

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